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Services - Protect Our Water Resources

Environmental  Monitoring, Modeling, and Management.
Emphasize water quality education and water resource protection. Services include: Sampling efforts and water quality studies; TMDL and Fate and Transport modeling; Stormwater regulatory program oversight; Stormwater Construction, Industrial, and Municipal Inspection and  Training; QSD/QSP training (by ToR); QSD SWPPP development; IGP training and site assessment; QISP Training; 401 Certification and 404 permit review and implementation; Erosion and sediment control design and implementation.
Water Quality Education Programs - presentations and other services (often free of charge) to educational and other facilities.
Sampling: Runoff; Streams; and other Waterbodies​

Pi-Squared Environmental provides runoff sampling services under the Construction and Industrial Permits as well as applications under the MS4 permits and other similar regulatory programs.  Develop and provide WLA and TMDL sampling and install related field equipment.Traning programs can also be provided for Construction  and industrial entities, publically funded etities, and municipal organizations.




Pi-Squared Environmental offers QSD/QSP training programs following the State of California training requirements with a qualified Trainer-of-Record.  Beyond the traditional format of QSD/QSP training, Pi-Squared provides emphasis on watersheds and water quality while delivering an understanding of waterbody resource protection and sampling.  Related training may not be recommended for those purely interested in "passing a test". 


  • Water Quality Fate and Transport

  • Watershed Modeling

    • HSPF, SWMM

  • Metal Speciation

    • Minteq

  • BMP Performance

  • TMDL modeling/assessments

Why model?

  • Support BMP effectiveness

  • Enhance public understanding of water quality condtions

  • Meet TMDL/WLA requirements

  • Educate



Erosion Control and Stream Restoration

Pi-Squared Environmental can coordinate stream restoration projects especially urban stream improvements and non-native vegetation removal.  Design and manage erosion and sediment control projects including slope protection, sediment control, and channel stabilization.


Specialty Stormwater Workshops
  • Wineries: Industrial Runoff; Construction BMPs; Vineyard Erosion Control

  • Cannabis Operations: Processing operations and Industrial Runoff; Construction of Buildings; Water Resource Protection and Limitations

Industrial and Construction SWPPP Development; QSD and QSP Services; and Industrial QISP Services

Pi-Squared Environmental provides QSD services for preparing SWPPPs under the California Construction General Permit, and provides SWPPP development and Training under the State Industrial General Permit.  Educated and responsible individuals will provide extended QSD services, limited QSP services including runoff sampling and analysis, and QISP services.  Also, perform and train individuals for runoff sampling under the CGP and IGP.




Specialty Projects​/Interests
  • Chollas Creek Watershed and water quality activities.

  • US/Mexico Border Water Quality, Erosion Control, and other environmental concerns

  • 401 Certification and 404 Permit

  • Free Education  

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