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Pi-Squared Environmental

Pi-Squared Environemental services include various assistance in the California: Construction General Permit; Industrial General Permit; and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit.


Environmental:Monitoring; Modeling; and Management

Pi-Squared Environmental provides a collection of environmental services with emphasis on water quality education and concerns.  Work will reflect education, perspective, understanding, and respect of water quality and water resource protection.



Pi-Squared Environmental Monitoring, Modeling, and Management provides a collection of services with emphasis on water quality education and concerns. 

Monitoring: Sampling; Analysis; and Studies


Typical services emphasize water quality sampling.  Sampling runoff under the California Construction and Industrial Permits, and Municipal Programs. Other services include automated or innovative sampler planning, design, and installation. Also, perform and coordinate TMDL studies, WLA sampling, BMP performance sampling and dye studies.

Modeling:  Water Quality; Watershed; Fate and Transport

Water quality modeling services utilzing a collection of publicly available and supported models, programs and calculations.  Modeling support may apply for TMDLS, WLAs, stream studies, mixing zone analysis and BMP performance.  Models include HSPF, SWMM, QUAL2-E, MINTEQ, CORMIX, BASINS application.

Modeling efforts can support a regulatory requirement or defend an innovative water quality approach.  Related modling efforts can support EIR and other related findings.  Overall modeling efforts can be useful under various stages of development from construction to operational - to support LID and water quality treatment and improvement with new and re-newed development.

Expertise in Auto-Samplers


Stream Sampling


Lessen the knowledge gap in environmental and water quality education and reduce settling on ignorance to compensate for meeting water quality goals.


Promote and provide effective water quality monitoring, modeling, and management service supported by robust applications, education, and experience.​


Promote water quailty knowledge and education to meet environmental regulations, not "avoid or dodge" regulations.  Improve the future.


Pi-Squared support provides understanding of regulations with a respect for water quailty and environmental conditions, and not a resentful reaction to regulatory requirements.

Management: Assessment; Oversight; and Training

Sampling training under CGP, IGP, Municipal and general education programs. Industrial Permit site assessment, training, and future QISP training.  Also, provide QSD support - SWPPP development, and limited QSP services.

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